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Welcome to the ConnectIT Community!

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Welcome to the ConnectIT Community! We are so excited that you are here! This Community was created to bring all Kaseya brands together and give our customers an outlet for support, best practices, and building relationships with key Kaseya stakeholders, as well as other MSPs & IT Pros from around the globe. 

Around our offices, coffee breaks have become one of the best places for our team members to interact with other members of the team. These chance interactions often spark innovation for you, our customers, so with that in mind, we have chosen a coffee shop theme for the ConnectIT Community. You'll see it in a few areas, including our Ranks and in our General Discussion forum, which we have called the Coffee Shop.

A few areas that we encourage you to explore as you get started:

☕️ Your Profile - Complete your profile, including adding your own profile image, by clicking on the ConnectIT Community icon in the upper right corner of your screen. This is also where you can tell the Community more about yourself, change your password, and more. You can see what Badges you've earned, and what Rank you've achieved through your activities within the Community, from posting Discussions or Questions, to reacting to other community threads, and many other activities.

☕️ Subcommunities - Each of our brands has their own dedicated Subcommunity where you can go to find discussions, questions, Knowledge Base articles, an Ideas Portal (more on that later), and so much more! Our Subcommunities each have a dedicated tile on the main page, and can be found by clicking on the globe in the upper right corner of your screen on any page.

☕️ Categories - Every discussion has a home here in the ConnectIT Community, and you will find a number of different categories (& sub-categories) to explore. You can explore all the Categories here in the ConnectIT Community by selecting the "Categories" heading from the main ConnectIT page. When you are exploring the Subcommunities, you can explore the Categories associated with that specific Subcommunity by selecting the "Categories" heading there. Want to explore all of the Categories in the entire ConnectIT Community again? Just click on the ConnectIT Community logo in the upper left corner of the screen and you'll be taken back to the home page. Think we need to add a new Category? Email us your suggestions!

☕️ Discussions - Just like with our Categories, you can explore all of the recent discussions for the entire Community from the main ConnectIT page, or explore the discussions in a specific Subcommunity or Category. To explore all the discussions in the entire community, navigate to the ConnectIT Community home page and either scroll down to the bottom of the page, or click on the "Discussions" heading. To explore the discussions for a specific Category or Subcommunity, navigate to the Category or Subcommunity of your choice and select the "Discussions" heading. To view discussions in a specific Subcategory, just select the tile for that Subcategory. Want to stay up to date on a specific discussion? Click on the ribbon near the title of the discussion to Bookmark it. You can see all of your Bookmarks on your Profile page.

☕️ Knowledge Base - When you use the search function in the ConnectIT Community, not only will your search return relevant Discussions, but you'll also see relevant Knowledge Base articles. You can also explore the Knowledge Base topics relevant to the Subcommunity or Category of your choice by selecting the "Knowledge Base" heading whenever you're in a specific Subcommunity or Category.

☕️ Ideas Portals - Have an amazing idea that you want to see implemented in your favorite solution? Just head to that solution's Subcommunity & look for the Ideas Portal. Not only can you share ideas of your own, but you can view the ideas of your peers, comment on them, and vote them up. This input helps our team prioritize the features and functionality that you want to see in your key solutions. Also, you earn points and badges here in the community when your idea ships!

☕️ Groups - We're adding new Groups every day, but to start out with, we're encouraging you to Connect with your peers in your country or region. Have a suggestion for a Group? Let us know!

If you have questions about the Community's Guidelines, visit here.

We cannot wait to Connect with you!