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ConnectIT Community Guidelines

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The Kaseya ConnectIT Community is a place where you can share valuable knowledge and expertise, seek advice for all Kaseya solutions, and collaborate with each other. This community is for you – we encourage you to engage and connect with each other. We want to help you simplify IT management and a healthy, vibrant and CONNECTED community can you help you do just that!

Before you dive in, we encourage you to take a look at our Community Rules & Guidelines. As in any community, cooperation and mutual respect are key elements to your success here so we want you to keep that in mind with every interaction.

While we want our community members to share best practices and helpful information with each other; we are not here to be a marketplace. We are not here to sell to each other.

What you should do in this community:

☕️ Respect each other and everyone’s diverse backgrounds

☕️ Be original and share what you know

☕️ Encourage each other and praise valuable input

☕️ Ask product related questions that you cannot find the answers to elsewhere

☕️ Have fun! An engaged community is beneficial to everyone.

What you shouldn’t do in this community:

☕️ Troll, flame or be offensive

☕️ Post offensive and unrelated links

☕️  Spam

☕️ Infringe copyright or discuss legal issues

☕️  Solicit advice on or engage in illegal activities

☕️ Discuss pricing or promote your services in public forms

☕️ Utilize or interact with the community in any way that violates the Kaseya family of brands Terms of Service

We reserve the right to moderate, delete or move any post, comment or user that does not follow the Community Rules & Guidelines. We also reserve the right to adjust these rules and guidelines as we deem appropriate and necessary.

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